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Aquatect Gel For Hand Eczema

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Why do 86.8% of our users who have archived glowing skin and gained back confidience choose 'subscription'?

  • Reason 1: Best value for money

    - The most advantageous combination of cost, quality and sustainability in the long run.

    - Not only can you save more money than a one-time purchase, but by subscribing to us, you don't have to waste money on 'trying' products that may risk your skin.

  • Reason 2: Convenience and care-free

    - Automated delivery and billing on a regular, recurring schedule that you prefer.

    - No need to make orders or go to stores every time your skincare runs out

    - No worry about running out of skincare with no backup.

  • Reason 3: All control is yours

    - Freely adjust your subscription details by yourself

    - Choose to pause or cancel your subscription for free at any time if you wish

  • Reason 4: Many more special values!

    - Helpful skincare tips and knowledge with our weekly newsletters.

    - Special campaign and free-gift offer for subscribers only.

    - Long-term supports from our certified and experienced skincare advisors.

  • Reason 5: The shortest way to archive beautiful and healthy skin

    The key and shortest way to get rid of skin troubles and let your skin glow is “consistent use of the same products that suit your skin for at least half a year”...

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In fact, rather than value for money, our users subscribe because they have believed and found that it is the best way to get glowing skin

Commonly, it takes at least 28 days to see changes in the skin if it is in normal and healthy condition. For the skin already suffering from troubles, it should take longer and more persistence.

According to the originally aggregated data from the users in Japan that we have been supporting, many of them, who have improved and got free from skin-related issues, have consistently used the same skincare products for between about 6 months to a year, and longer.

In other words, the key and shortest way to get glowing skin is “consistent use of the same products that suit your skin for at least half a year”.