About ingredients

Aren't parabens likely to cause skin irritation?

 Parabens (methyl parabens) have been used commonly for years to maintain the quality of cosmetics and it's safe for those who are not allergic to parabens.
 "Parabens are a group of preservative ingredients used in cosmetic, personal hygiene products, food products, and pharmaceuticals. They are highly effective in preventing the growth of fungi, bacteria, and yeast that can cause products to spoil. Thus, they contribute directly to the quality of the products by extending their shelf life, making them safe for the families who use them." (ChemicalSafetyFacts)

 Rather, we believe that cosmetics that do not contain preservatives often have more disadvantages, such as spoiling quickly, and requiring attention to the expiration date.
 What's more, a 'paraben-free' product might contain other synthetic ingredients that can cause harm or irritation to your skin.'
 That's why the Aqucrio series use parabens as a preservative to be safer and more beneficial to our customers.

Is it true that polymers are not good for your skin?

Such information seems to be spreading on the Internet, but it is one of the common 'misunderstandings' about cosmetic ingredients.
The Aqucrio series contains ingredients that are classified as synthetic polymers, which function as gelatinization agents. It is not true that it covers the skin or repels water, as is rumored on the internet.

Products with many plant-derived ingredients are supposed to be more likely to cause allergies. Is this correct?

Any ingredient has the potential to cause allergies.
Some people do not have any problem with plant-derived ingredients but do have allergic reactions to animal, metallic and synthetic ingredients in a product.
Therefore, a product that contains botanical ingredients does not mean to cause any special allergies.

Are your products additive-free?

Yes, our products exclude ingredients that cause irritation to the skin such as petroleum-based synthetic surfactants, alcohols, synthetic colorants, synthetic fragrances, and so on.

If you are allergic to any other ingredient and would like to know if it is included, please see the list of all ingredients on our product page or feel free to contact our customer support staff anytime.


About usage and effectiveness

Does it work for oily skin?

Yes, of course. The Aqucrio Series can be used well on oily skin.
For oily skin, sebum is excessively secreted for some reason.
Aqucrio Series are low-stimulus and high-moisture skin care products. Its shape of "gel" reduces irritation during skincare routine and seals in the moisture inside your skin, which keeps skin moisturized all the time and is less likely to cause excessive sebum secretion.

Are your products eczema-friendly?

Yes. Our products can also be used for those having trouble with atopic dermatitis (eczema).
In fact, a part of our customers in Japan suffers from eczema and they have been with us for years.
For the first-time use, be sure to perform a patch test to test for allergic reactions before using.

Is it safe to use for babies and children?

Our Aqucrio series can be used for all ages, genders, and even any part of the body.
In Japan, it has been used by customers of all ages, from newborn babies to those over 80 years old, and also by men.

Can men also use your skincare products?

Of course, our Aqucrio series is recommended to all ages, and all genders.
Men's and women's skin differ only in the amount of sebum secreted, so it is totally suitable for men as well. Since all Earthcare Asia's products are fragrance-free, our male customers in the Japanese community say that they can use them without hesitation.

How is Aquatect gel different from other all-in-one products?

The moisturizing power of Aquatect gel differentiates itself from other skincare products.
There are various all-in-one kinds of moisturizers in the world, but most of them contain ingredients that are not necessarily related to the essence of skincare, 'moisturizing', such as whitening ingredients, collagen, and vitamin C. Some manufacturers sell various such as essences, lotions, and creams while claiming them to be 'all-in-one'. Some others sell multiple all-in-one cosmetics at the same time. So the definition of 'all-in-one' here seems a paradox.
Given that, the major difference between Aquatect Gel and other all-in-one gels is that it utilizes the inferiority of gel textures, which makes it possible to firmly and effectively moisturize the skin with only one product.

How can your products help with aging changes on skin?

Our Aqucrio series can help to make fine wrinkles on the skin due to drying less noticeable by:
- Minimize irritation against the skin with selected low-stimulus ingredients and a simple skincare routine
- Prevent skin from drying up with exceptional moisturizing power.
With the approach of 'less is more' skincare and focus on truly effective 'moisturizing', our products are here with you to fight against signs of aging and archive the goal of youthful-looking mochi skin.



How can I get consultation with your skincare advisors? Is it really free?

You are always welcome to ask and get advice on any skincare or skin concerns from our skincare expert advisors, for free of course.

Please feel free to contact us by available inquiry form, e-mail, or by sending us a message on Whatsapp.

☞ Inquiry form: https://earthcare-sg.myshopify.com/pages/contact-1
☞ E-mail: overseas@earthcare.jp
☞ Whatsapp: (+81) 80-5572-8733

Do you test on animals?

No, all Earthcare A's products are cruelty-free.
Inoue, our founder, states: "Safety test of cosmetics should be done right on skin of the one who made it or whoever is related. If so, they would be responsible and should never develop a product that might cause any risk to try".
In fact, until developing the perfect version of Aqucrio series, Inoue had tested on his own super sensitive skin to find the ultimate solution for people with the same concerns.

How about the expiry date before/after opening and how to keep it fresh?

Expiry date
Unopened items can last for about 2 years as long as being stored in proper conditions.
Please use within half a year after opening.

Store in a cool and dark place.
Avoid exposure to ultraviolet rays and high temperature and humidity, regardless of before or after opening.