Our '2 > 7+' approach

Earthcare Asia adopts the 'less is more', 'quality over quantity' approach to healthy and good skin.

Skincare routines with 7-step, 10-step, ore even more, can make you appear like a real 'skincare enthusiast', but in fact, these complicated routines might do more harm than good, especially for sensitive skin. Instead, we believe that, even a basic skincare set of only 'cleanser' and 'moisturizer' that can effectively 'store' moisture in your skin, is more than enough.

Therefore, our Aqucrio series focus on performing the orgin function of 'moisturizing care: to hydrate and lock in the moisture to help you accomplish the goal of timeless youthfull-looking skin.

Our focus

Our commitment

Our focus

Truly effective and enduring moisturizing power

Aquatect Gel is specialized to replenish your skin with a well-balanced amount of water for hydration and oil for moist retention as an essential key to moisturizing firmly and effectively.

moisturizing hydration

Low stimulus and suitable for the most sensitive skin

Our products do not only minimize stimulus and friction against your skin with a 2-step super simple skincare routine but also with selected low-irritation ingredients, excluding petroleum-based synthetic surfactants, alcohol (ethanol), artificial colors, or synthetic fragrances that may irritate the skin.

skincare ingredients

Our commitment

Only 1 minute or less for long-term moisturing effect and mochi skin.

Provide accurate and science-based information about skincare

Support from our certified and experienced skincare advisors

Aqucrio Series