Meet our founder!

Inoue Tatsuya - Founder


Hi, nice to meet you.

My name is Inoue, founder of Earthcare Japan.

I am a man with a 'super' sensitive, dry skin type, who have experienced countless skin troubles and seems to have no luck with cosmetics or skincare. I could barely find any facial cleansers and cosmetics that did not cause any redness or itchiness on my dry skin, easily developed swelling and sunburn blisters, and even got chlorine rash after swimming in a pool, etc. You might feel odd that why such a human could have become the founder of a 22-year-old cosmetics brand right?

When I was 25, I took my first step into this beauty industry as a 'salaryman'. The more my knowledge of cosmetics increased, the stronger the idea of 'creating skincare products that people suffering from skin-related problems can use with confidence' generated inside me. Therefore, I decided to establish Earthcare at the age of 26 to actualize my own 'ideal skincare'.

In fact, believing that 'cosmetics that fit my such sensitive skin will be suitable for most people with any type of skin', I tested on myself, my own skin, to find the ultimate solution for sensitive skincare.

'Most skincare products are the same?!'

As a newbie in the beauty industry, also a man who had little or no ideas about 'cosmetics' or 'skincare', I was so curious about 'Cosmetics and skincare products vary, but are all of them really necessary for the skin?'.
After doing research at the laboratory, I found the shocking answer: The active ingredients contained in many skincare products were almost the same, only the textures were different.
Not following the majority for benefits, I aimed for products that are 'cheap and convenient, with no hassle' but still satisfy customers' demands.