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Aquatect Gel 100g【For Hand Eczema】

Aquatect Gel 100g【For Hand Eczema】

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Impressive moisturizing experience that you've never had before, Hand eczema is fundamentally recovered.

Based on the 'quality-over-quantity' approach, Aquatect Gel is proud to be an 'all-in-one' solution with exceptional moisturizing power. With the golden 'water: oil' ratio of '8:2' in ingredients, it performs perfectly the functions of 'hydration' and 'moisture retention' to care for your hand eczema.


Aquatect gel can be applied on your face too. The product is highly effective for one who concerns about dry, sensitive skin. You can use Aquatect gel as a daily skincare routine product. You do not have to apply various toner, cream, serum... by using Aquatect gel

It moisturize not only your hand byt also your face too.

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