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Aquatect Gel


A simple, time-saving yet effective moisturizer for nourishing sensitive skin with minimal stimulus.

Based on the 'quality-over-quantity' approach, Aquatect Gel is proud to be an 'all-in-one' solution with exceptional moisturizing power. With the golden 'water: oil' ratio of '8:2' in ingredients, it performs perfectly the functions of 'hydration' and 'moisture retention' to keep your skin healthy and youthful-looking.


Aquatect gel can be applied on your body too! It has been verified to be effective for dryness of the hands and feet, so if you are concerned about dryness of the body, please try it out.

Aquatect Gel
Aquatect Gel
Aquatect Gel
Aquatect Gel
Aquatect Gel
Aquatect Gel
Aquatect Gel
Aquatect Gel
Aquatect Gel
Aquatect Gel
Aquatect Gel
Aquatect Gel
Aquatect Gel
Aquatect Gel
Aquatect Gel

Trusted and loved for over 20 years
by more than 20,000 people

"I have dry skin and my face would get extremely dry during the winter. I was skeptical about Aquatect Gel at first, but I noticed that my face was really soft and moisturized after using the product. What I especially love about Earthcare Asia is their commitment to honesty, and how they change my preconceived notions about skincare with detailed explanations. I 100% recommend it for people who suffer from dry skin. I'm sure you'll love it!"

- A.C. (68 yo)

"I don't necessarily have sensitive skin, but I was sick and tired of spending so much time and money on skincare products. I also really enjoyed the usability of Aquatect Gel, and continued using it for the next 6 months.Now, the blackheads on my nose have become less noticeable and my skin looks more youthful. My daughter even told me, "Did you get younger?""

- Yakko (56 yo)

"It has been about 1 year since I started using Aquatect Gel. I finally discovered what moisturized skin feels like. Now, I'm confident in my skin and I don't wear makeup. These days, I was surprised to hear my friends and son tell me, "Your skin looks so youthful!" I truly believe in this product. Thank you!"

- Aozora

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Why toners don't work?

Because toners are 98% water.

Why toners can't moisturize your skin?


Water supplies hydration to your skin, but it does not prevent it from evaporating.

Even if you hydrate your skin, it will immediately become dry if there is nothing to lock it inside your skin. Instead, your skin will become more dry because your skin's natural hydration will evaporate too.

The solution is to replenish water AND oil at the same time

Water + oil = Moisturization

Water for hydration, oil for maintaining that hydration within your skin. Only together can your skin be moisturized for a long time.   


That's why Aquatect Gel is your solution


Aquatect Gel is formulated with the golden water-to-oil ratio of 8:2

With this well-balanced formula of water for ample hydration and oil for hydration retention, it is a high-moisturizing, low-stimulus product that keeps your skin moisturized for a long time.

Why your skin will love Aquatect Gel

 Triple award-winning moisturizing product


"Want to try it once"


"Can be confident
in my bare skin without makeup"


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 Passed 4 skincare safety tests

Allergy test

Aquatect Gel is hypoallergenic.

24 hours closed patch test

Aquatect Gel will not cause irritation to your skin.

Stinging test

Aquatect Gel can be used on even the most sensitive skin.

Non-comedogenic test

Aquatect Gel will not clog pores and can be used on acne-prone skin.


Carefully selected ingredients
for ultimate moisturization


Aquatect Gel vs. toners 


  • Requires a lot of trial and error
  • Needs to be used with other skincare products
  • Results are temporary
  • Water-based and unable to properly moisturize
  • Leaves your skin dry

Aquatect Gel

  • Treats skin troubles and dry skineffectively
  • Carefully selected, clinically proven ingredients
  • Golden water-to-oil ratio of 8:2 for ultimate moisturization
  • Hydrates and maintains moisturization in your skin

Want consistent results?
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Here's how it works:

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The reviews are in

"I struggle with acne and dry skin. Toners and products prescribed by my dermatologist started to sting - that's when I discovered Aquatect Gel. With Aquatect Gel, my skin doesn't sting, my skin isn't dry, and my acne is becoming less noticeable. "

- I.M.

"After using Aquatect Gel for about 2 months, my skin's dryness and wrinkles have gotten much better! I'm quite lazy so I never enjoyed skincare, but Aquatect Gel makes it so easy for me to stay consistent. I hope to contiinue using it and healing my skin even more!"

- Onon (26 yo)

"As someone with dry skin and wrinkles, I tried many types of skincare products. My sister recommended Aquatect Gel to me, and I instantly reconized a difference in my skin. Easy to use, worth the price. Thank you!"

- Sadako Miyazaki (58 yo)

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! If you are not allergic to the ingredients, you can use it on top of your scars and wounds.
However, it may sting. If the pain becomes too much, please consider taking medication to heal the wounds first, before using Aquatect Gel.

Beautiful, smooth, healthy skin
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